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Women in Advanced Therapies (WIAT) is a pioneering community dedicated to uplifting women within advanced therapies. Through mentorship, networking, and global events, we connect aspiring professionals with industry veterans, fostering an environment of growth, inclusivity, and innovation. Join us in shaping a future where women lead the advancement of scientific therapies.

WIAT Global: Elevating Women’s Role in Advanced Therapy Innovation

“In alliance with key industry partners, the WIAT Global is an exclusive gathering designed for leaders and innovators in the life sciences. This invite-only event brings together women and their allies at the forefront of biotech, pharmaceuticals, and academia to drive progress in advanced therapies.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to engage with the latest insights, strategies, and advancements, fostering female leadership in the evolution of scientific therapies.”

Becky Johnson-Kent

Director Commercial Partnerships & Head of Women in Advanced Therapies (WIAT)

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WIAT Mentorship Programme: Applications Now Open

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders in Life Sciences

Elevate your career with the WIAT Mentorship Programme, designed to connect emerging talents with industry veterans in advanced therapies. This is your chance to gain personalized guidance, expand your professional network, and develop the skills essential for success. Whether you’re seeking to inspire or be inspired, our programme is the bridge to your next big leap in the life sciences. Apply now and become part of a community committed to empowerment and innovation.

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From inspiring events and empowering workshops to the faces of our vibrant community, each image tells a story of collaboration, innovation, and progress. Witness the impact of collective action and envision your role in this transformative journey. Join us, and together, let’s shape a future where women lead in the advancement of science and therapy development.
Women In Advanced Therapies Event

WIAT Global

Join us at WIAT Global – where we don’t just talk about change, we drive it.

Join us at WIAT Global, the epicenter of innovation in life sciences. This event is your gateway to cutting-edge discussions, invaluable networking, and the power of a community dedicated to advancing women’s roles in science. Here, ambition and action align to shape the future of advanced therapies. Be part of a movement that’s not just about envisioning change, but making it happen.

Insights and Inspirations: The WIAT Blog
Dive into the latest from the WIAT blog, where empowerment and innovation converge. Read about breakthroughs, mentorship successes, and the impactful journeys of women shaping the life sciences. Our articles celebrate the community’s achievements and explore the future of advanced therapies. Stay inspired and informed with every story we share. Short description paragraph here. Short description paragraph here. Short description paragraph here. Short description paragraph here.
Applications for Women in Advanced Therapies mentorship program now open for 2024